Canal Sur in Parque Comercial Las Dunas

gente maravillosa canal sur

The TV program Wonderful People has conducted two social experiments in the commercial complex

The program of Canal Sur, Wonderful People, presented by Toñi Moreno has visited Las Dunas Commercial Park with the objective of recording two hidden cameras. The program team has set out in order to discover and meet those people who are outraged and act when witnessing injustices that affect especially sensitive groups: those who suffer some kind of disability. And it has done so through two social experiments that have taken place in the coffee shops of the commercial complex.

The first of them, called "Loren, against injustice" has consisted in re-creating a humiliating treatment for a waiter with a hearing impairment. The second, "A wonderful group" has had as its victim a blind girl whose guide dog was annoying a customer in the cafeteria. In both videos we can see the reactions of the visitors of the Commercial Park Las Dunas, who from the outset defend both disabled.

We take the opportunity to thank Canal Sur, as well as the customers of the commercial park who have reacted in an exemplary way against situations of social discrimination that today should no longer exist.

Do you want to watch the full video? Here we leave the link